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CARS/GEARS: Expenditure Reporting

Reminders for accurate and on-time reports

  • Download a fresh copy of the Expenditure Report Form (F-00642).
  • Report monthly.
  • Report only in whole dollars. Round down when cents are 49 cents or less. Round up when cents are 50 cents or more.
  • Choose the correct report type.
  • Verify your Agency Type Code (2-digit) and Contract Year (4-digit). You can find these on your grant agreement.
  • The report month, contract year, and agency number and type on the report should match the email. 
  • Put the report month as text and use a 4-digit year.  For example, January 2024 or Jan 2024 rather than 01/2024.
  • Provide a contact name, email and phone number on each report submitted to help us follow up on questions.
  • One report per email for easier processing and tracking.
  • Format the subject line of your report email as shown for each report type.
  • Continue to send expenditure reports to

Open the accordion below to find more information on the expenditure report types

GEARS Original Report
Check the box for Original Report, highlighted in yellow, when filing the first instance of a report for a given expenditure report period for a given agency number and type combination.
  • Submit monthly expenditure reports on time. Reports are due by the end of the month following the reporting period. For more information, please see the CARS Processing Schedule through 2024 (PDF).  
  • Submit separate reports for each report period and agency type. 
  • Submit one original report per report period.  It is not necessary to submit reports for months in which a local agency has no expenditures to report. Submit reports via email, addressed to
  • Subject line is important. Format the email subject line as Agency #-Agency type-Contract Year-Month & Year Costs Incurred-Agency name. 
  • Go low to high. List Profiles and associated expenditure information from low Profile ID to high Profile ID.
  • List only those Profiles for which you have active contracts.

NOTE: Changes to reported expenditures after the original expenditure report has been submitted should be reported on an “Additional Report” for that Month-Year. Additional instructions are provided below.

Shows portion of form that users should check off if they have an adjustment
Use Additional/Adjustment Report type to revise an already submitted original report, following the same steps as the Original Report (above). Check the Additional/Adjustment Report box, highlighted in yellow.
  • List the month and the year of the Original Report with the erroneous information as the Month Costs Incurred. Corrections which increase reported expenditures should be entered as positive numbers and those which reduce reported expenditures should be entered as negative numbers.
  • Submit the Additional/Adjustment report, formatting the subject line to read Agency #-Agency Type-Contract Year-ADDITIONAL- Month & Year Costs Incurred-Agency name.
  • Comments are especially helpful on Additional Reports to explain the adjustments being made. 
  • Additional information may also be included in the body of the email. The GEARS team will reach out if we have any questions. 

GEARS final screenshot
The Final Report box is highlighted in yellow. Check this box for your Final Report.

Final report due dates are established in your grant agreement contract. Generally, final reports are due no later than 45 days after the contract end date. However, contracts may allow a longer or shorter close-out period or set specific due date for Final reports. Please consult your grant agreement contract document to verify the final report due date.

  • Final Report due dates, by profile number are found at the bottom of the GEARS main web page at With GEARS, the profile closeout dates will no longer be posted annually, but they will be updated periodically, as new profiles are created or if profile information changes.  
  • Prepare your Final Expenditure report in the same manner as an Original Expenditure Report. 
  • Submit only one Final Expenditure Report not later than the due date specified in your contract(s). 
  • Format the email’s subject line as Agency #-Agency type-Contract Year-FINAL-Report Month & Year -Agency name, where the month and year is the final month of your contract.

Note that contracts may require submitting a Final Expenditure report instead of a report for the last month of the contract period, while others allow both an Original Expenditure report for the last month of the contract and a Final Expenditure Report. Please consult your contract for more information.  

Periodic reconciliations - monthly is best

close up of orange keypad on calculator
Monthly reconciliation is a best practice.
  • Periodic reconciliations of reported expenditures and reimbursements to Local Agencies’ accounting records are required by contract, but DHS encourages monthly reconciliations. Monthly reconciliations are considered best practice. Monthly reconciliations help reduce the number of corrections or expenditures which need to be submitted on Additional/Adjustment or Final expenditure reports.
  • Government funds are appropriated for specific periods of time. Failure to report all costs by the final report due date may result in DHS being unable to reimburse the costs reported late due to funding no longer being available. Periodic reconciliations help assure all allowable costs are reported and reimbursed timely.
  • For issues found during reconciliations, which agencies are unable to resolve, please contact the GEARS Unit at DHS DES BFS GEARS:
Last revised December 18, 2023