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Influenza Immunization Resources for Health Care Providers

You are one of the most trusted sources of health information for your patients. In order to help you with recommending an annual flu vaccine, we have compiled resources for you to use along with the CDC's (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Health Care Provider Fight Flu Toolkit and our Respiratory Illness Vaccine Promotion Toolkit, P-02781. (PDF)

Please share this information widely so we can improve flu vaccination rates and reduce the spread of influenza.

 Prepare your practice for flu season

It's not too late to make sure you have reviewed and incorporated CDC's guidance and recommendations for this flu season.

 Patient outreach and education

When contacting patients to increase their flu vaccination uptake, both patient education and patient outreach are important. Patient education mostly entails sharing the importance of flu vaccination while patients are in your offices, whereas the purpose of patient outreach is to remind patients to get their vaccines.

 Patient outreach

Social media posts
  • Share the graphics below or sample social media messages and images from the DHS Respiratory Illness Vaccine Promotion Toolkit, P-02781 (PDF) on your own social media channels.
    • To download one of the below graphics on a PC:
      1. Right click on the link below the image, and select Open link in new tab.
      2. When the image loads, right click on the image, and select Save image as.
    • To download an image on a Mac without a mouse, use a two-finger press on the trackpad and select Save image as.
  • Please also include information on free or lower-cost vaccine programs you have for the uninsured or underinsured on your social media or website.
Website additions and support

You can easily add CDC’s flu content, flu buttons, and flu widgets to share flu information on your website.

Appointment reminder templates
  • Create reminder/recall notices through the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) to set up call, text, and email reminders to help your patients stay on top of their vaccinations.
  • Send CDC’s email template to remind your patients to schedule appointments for their influenza vaccines.

 Patient education

Strong vaccine recommendations

Your trusted voices can make all the difference in increasing vaccination rates.

Posters, infographics, and fact sheets

 Vaccination clinical and administration information

A pharmacist wearing a face mask and a face shield

Questions about these resources? Contact us!

Stephanie Borchardt, Wisconsin Immunization Program Epidemiologist
Phone: 608-266-9923

Last revised October 16, 2023