Influenza (Flu)

Flu in Wisconsin

The flu is an illness caused by the influenza virus. Flu goes around every year, with some years being worse than others. During the 2018-2019 flu season, there were 17,210 cases of the flu in Wisconsin. For weekly case count updates, please see the Weekly Respiratory Virus Surveillance Report, P-02346 (PDF).

In the U.S., flu is more common in the fall and winter. People of all ages can get the flu, from babies and young adults to the elderly. The best way to prevent the flu is to get the flu vaccine each fall. The vaccine is safe for those 6 months of age and older. Use the vaccine flu finder to find a flu vaccine location near you!

This page has more general information on the flu, including information on signs and symptoms and resources.

This page has information on influenza data and the Weekly Respiratory Report.


This page is for local health departments, health care providers, or those looking for information on reporting, surveillance, or diagnosis of the flu.

This page has tips on ways to prevent the flu.

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Last Revised: November 5, 2019