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Work at DHS: Limited Term Employment (LTE)

Are you looking for limited term employment (LTE)? We often have a range of LTE jobs open.

What is LTE?

LTE means that the job you do is for a set time. The job may last until a project is finished. Or it may last until a certain date. Some LTE jobs fit with seasons of the year.

LTE can be a great option for some workers. Many enjoy the chance to work on different, but defined, projects. Others want to gain a certain type of experience. Whatever your reason, there’s likely a job that fits your search.

Find a job

Where do I search for LTE jobs?

We list all open jobs at This is the Wisconsin state government’s jobs website. Most LTE jobs say, “LTE” in the Job Title column. You also might see “Temporary Position” as the Job Category. For LTE jobs with us, also look for “Health Services” in the Agency column.

What if I have questions about LTE?

If you have questions about the LTE job process, there are a few ways to contact us:

Last revised May 2, 2022