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Work at DHS: Letter of Qualifications and Resume Tips

We list all open jobs at This is the website for all jobs in Wisconsin state government. Each job posting includes a Position Summary that describes the job and the specific Qualifications we are seeking in a candidate.

You will be required to upload a resume or enter information about work experience. You may also be required to upload a letter of qualifications, or other documents, to complete your application. Please refer to the job posting to see which documents are required.

Below are some tips on what to include in these documents.

Letter of Qualifications

A Letter of Qualifications is:

  • A document to highlight specific examples of your experience and training as they relate to each of the qualifications listed in the job posting;
  • It is NOT a standard cover letter. It does not need to include why you want the job or request a review of your resume.


You find a job you want to apply for and the Qualifications section includes experience in customer service and policy writing. In your Letter of Qualifications you would list these details:

  • Experience in customer service:
  • My experience in customer service is...
  • Examples of work I have performed in customer service include...
  • Experience in policy writing:
  • My experience in policy writing is...
  • Examples of work I have performed in policy writing include...


Before applying be sure to update your resume to best reflect your experience and qualifications that relate to the job you are applying for. 

  • Include experience - include your work history. Highlight roles and responsibilities. Specifically the job duties that are related to the qualifications on the job announcement;
  • Include relevant skills - provide a clear overview of your skills. Include how they fit the job;
  • Include training/education - list any coursework that matches the job and explain how they do;
  • Include your phone number and email address.
Do not:
  • Include any personal details in your resume that do not relate to the job. Examples include photos, gender, ethnicity, or political party.

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Last revised December 22, 2022