Work at DHS: Letter of Qualifications and Resume Tips

We list all open jobs at This is the website for all jobs in Wisconsin state government. Each job listing has a job description that explains the position. It also lists experience that you need for the job. You must send a resume and letter of qualifications to apply for any job.

Here are some tips for what to include in these documents.

Letter of qualifications

Your letter of qualifications is different from a cover letter. Your document should include:

  • Each bullet point from the qualifications section of the job description
  • Examples of how your education, training, and experience relate

The letter of qualifications should focus on your expertise. It doesn't need to include why you want the job. It also shouldn’t request a review of your resume.


Say you find a job and want to apply. The qualifications section includes customer service and policy writing. In your letter of qualifications, you would list these details:

  • Experience in customer service.
    My experience in customer service is…
  • Experience in policy writing.
    My experience in policy writing is…


Before applying for a job with us, update your resume. Make sure it relates to the job. Focus on these sections:

  • Contact information—Include your phone number and email address.
  • Education—List any course work that matches the job and explain how.
  • Experience—Include work history. Highlight achievements at each past job.
  • Relevant skills—Provide a clear overview of your skills. Include how they fit the job.

Remove any personal details in your resume that don’t relate to the job. Examples include photos, gender, ethnicity, or political party.

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Last Revised: March 15, 2022