Katie Beckett Medicaid

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Family walk together outside on sidewalkKatie Beckett Medicaid serves children under 19 who live at home and have certain health care needs. The name comes from a child, Katie Beckett, whose family advocated that the best treatments and services for her needs were available at home and in a community setting. The federal government created a special group of Medicaid coverage for kids just like Katie Beckett. 

Katie Beckett Medicaid helps children who:

  • Have complex medical needs.
  • Have long-term disabilities.
  • Have mental health needs.
  • Want to receive home and community-based services instead of living in a hospital or institution.

Children may qualify even if:

  • They aren’t eligible for other Medicaid programs because of their parents’ or guardians’ income or assets.
  • They’re covered by private health insurance.

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Last Revised: October 10, 2022