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Katie Beckett Medicaid

Upcoming changes to the NEMT manager

In August of 2022, Veyo, the current manager for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in Wisconsin, was purchased by Medical Transportation Management (MTM), Inc. 

Beginning February 1, 2024, Veyo will start their transition to MTM in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin NEMT program will begin using MTM Link, the MTM ride scheduling and mileage reimbursement system, on February 1, 2024. There will not be changes to NEMT covered services.

For more information about the transition, visit the Medicaid NEMT Manager webpage or the Veyo Wisconsin website

Need help? If you need help with your trip during the transition, contact 866-907-1493 and select the Where's My Ride option.

Katie Beckett Medicaid serves children under 19 who live at home and have certain health care needs. The name comes from a child, Katie Beckett, whose family advocated that the best treatments and services for her needs were available at home and in a community setting. The federal government created a special group of Medicaid coverage for kids just like Katie Beckett.

End of COVID-19 public health emergency

Do you have questions about how the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency will affect Katie Beckett Medicaid? Our Q&As explain what it means for Katie Beckett members.

Essential children's resources

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Children's Resource Network Logo

Wisconsin Wayfinder supports families of children with delays, disabilities, special health care needs, and mental health conditions. Children’s resource guides are helpers who assist families, caregivers, professionals, and organizations in finding a wide array of supports and services available through the Children’s Resource Network.

Who can get Katie Beckett Medicaid

Katie Beckett Medicaid helps children who:

Family walk together outside on sidewalk
  • Have complex medical needs.
  • Have long-term disabilities.
  • Have mental health needs.
  • Want to receive home and community-based services instead of living in a hospital or institution.

Children may qualify even if:

  • They aren’t eligible for other Medicaid programs because of their parents’ or guardians’ income or assets.
  • They’re covered by private health insurance.

Learn more about eligibility

Last revised November 14, 2023