Family Health Section - Contacts

The Family Health Section has responsibility to improve the health of women, infants, children, teens and families as they progress through the critical developmental milestones of life. A major emphasis of the programs in the Family Health Section involves prevention, early screening, and early intervention. Our programs include Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN), Maternal and Child Health (MCH), Newborn Screening (NBS) and Injury Prevention.

Main Phone Line:  608-266-3890
Fax Number:          608-267-3824

Jody Brassfield - Family Health Section Chief
608-267-7174 /

Sharon Fleischfresser, MD, MPH - CYSHCN Medical Director
608-266-3674 /

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Unit, including Newborn Screening, Genetics Program

Tim Lybeck - Clerical Assistant
608-266-1794 /

Jayne Vargas - Grants Coordinator
608-266-0220 /

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Program (CYSHCN)

Becky Burns, MSSW - CYSHCN Statewide Coordinator
608-265-0505 /

Peggy Helm-Quest, MSed, MHA - CYSHCN Health Promotion Consultant
608-267-2945 /

Elizabeth Oftedahl, MPH - CYSHCN Epidemiologist
608-261-9304 /

Kelsey Stevenson, MPH - Newborn Screening Data and System Integration Specialist
608-267-7148 /

Newborn Screening Program

Blood Screening and Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD)

Tami Horzewski, MS, CHES - Newborn Screening Program Coordinator
608-266-8904 /

Timothy Markle - Senior Outreach Specialist
608-262-8033 /

Hearing Screening (Wisconsin Sound Beginnings)

Elizabeth Seeliger, Au.D - Wisconsin Sound Beginnings Program Director
608-267-9191 /

Shari Galitzer - Quality and Data Manager
608-267-7250 /

Jeanne Gustafson, BS - Follow-Through Parent & Follow-up Outreach Specialist Northern and Western Regions
715-726-7900. ext. 2131/

Christi Hess, PhD, CCC-SLP - Early Intervention Outreach Specialist Southern Region
608-358-5053 /

Rebecca Martin, MPH, IMH-E(II) - Outreach Specialist, Follow-up Coordinator, WIsconsin Sound Beginnings
608-261-7654 /

Susan Picione, BSN, RN - Follow-up Outreach Specialist Southeastern Region

Connie Stevens, MA - WSB Parent Reaching Out and REIL (Regional Early Intervention Liaison)
608-577-3895 (voice text facetime) / 608-263-5884 (fax)

W. Marijke van Roojen, LM, CPM, MPH (MCH) - Out of Hospital Outreach Specialist

Injury Prevention and System Integration Unit

Injury and Violence Prevention

Melissa Heinz, MPH - Injury and Violence Prevention Coordinator
608-266-1451 /

Molly Zemke - Injury and Violence Prevention Strategic Planning
608-266-3894 /

Vacant - Injury and Violence Prevention Epidemiologist/Evaluator

National Violent Death Reporting System

Brittany Grogan, MPH - Wisconsin Coordinator
608-267-9008 /

Opioid Harm Prevention Program

Lisa Bullard-Cawthore, MS, MPH - Opioid Harm Prevention Coordinator
608-266-3008 /

Betsy Swenson, MSM - Opioid Harm Prevention Outreach Consultant
608-267-2173 /

Jennifer Tranmer, MA - Opioid Harm Prevention Communications Specialist
608-267-0329 /

Kerry Zaleski, MPH - Opioid Harm Prevention Evaluation Consultant
608-266-3411 /

Vacant - Opioid Harm Prevention Epidemiologist

System Integration

Shari Galitzer - Quality and Data Manager
608-267-7250 /

Julie Maccoux - SPHERE System, Office Operations Associate
920-448-5229 /

Vacant - State SPHERE System Administrator

Maternal and Child Health Unit (MCH)

Katie Gillespie, RN, BSN - Unit Supervisor
608-266-1538 /

Mariah Geiger - Public Health Associate Program Fellow
608-266-2684 /

Terry Kruse - Maternal and Perinatal Consultant
608-267-9662 /

Leah Ludlum, RN, BSN - Maternal and Child Health Nurse Consultant
608-267-6716 /

Shawn Meyer, RN - Maternal and Child Health Nurse Consultant
608-504-6373 /

Karen Morris, RN, BSN - Maternal and Child Health Nurse Consultant
715-836-4989 /

Nafla Poff, MPH - State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI) Program Director
608-267-2204 /

Mary Rosecky, RN, BSN, CHES - Maternal and Child Health Nurse Consultant
608-267-9473 /

Cathy Sendelbach, MS, CHES - Family Planning/Reproductive Health Consultant
920-448-5221 /

Debbie Schmidt - Adolescent Health Consultant
608-266-3959 /

Fiona Weeks, MPH - MCH Epidemiologist/PRAMS Director
608-266-1049 /

Vacant - MCH Equity Consultant

Vacant - Epidemiologist Evaluator

Vacant - Family Planning and Reproductive Health Consultant

Vacant - Office Operations Associate

Vacant - Population Health Service Fellow

Vacant - Population Health Service Fellow

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN)

Early Screening

Injury Prevention

Maternal and Child Health

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