Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Manager

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has contracted with a company called Veyo to provide non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services for Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus members.

Effective November 1, 2021, Veyo will replace Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM, Inc.). Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus members who are eligible to receive NEMT through MTM, Inc. will be eligible to receive NEMT through Veyo. There will be no changes to the types of appointments that are covered or types of transportation provided with the transition to Veyo. There will also be no change to the number members can call to schedule rides. It remains 866-907-1493.


What are NEMT services?

Medicaid programs must ensure members receive transportation to and from Medicaid-covered services when they have no other means to get to appointments and services. The NEMT manager acts as a liaison between members and subcontracted transportation providers, such as public transportation services and specialized medical vehicle companies.

Rides can include public buses, specialized medical vehicles, or other types of vehicles depending on medical or transportation needs. Gas mileage reimbursement (money for gas) is also available.

Various types of rides are covered, including:

  • Routing rides
  • Regularly scheduled rides
  • Urgent rides
  • Common carrier transportation
  • Specialized medical vehicle transportation
  • Non-emergency ambulance transportation


Why did DHS issue new procurement for NEMT services?

Wisconsin State law obligates DHS to procure vendors on a regularly scheduled basis. The procurement process is an opportunity for DHS to continue to improve the program and provide quality controls. For example, the recent request for proposal (RFP) called for improvements from the previous contract, including quality assurance improvements, member protections, and customer service enhancements.

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What provisions does DHS have in place to ensure quality services?

  • Driver requirements related to background checks, drug testing, and training
 Transparency and Accountability
  • Strong language on penalties and liquidated damages for compliance
  • A full-time NEMT contract monitor to provide onsite review of the NEMT manager’s day-to-day operations and to monitor trends and complaints
  • Transparency and accountability achieved through posting monthly NEMT performance reports
 Service Access and Timeliness
  • Member resources, such as online scheduling, online complaint submission, and a dedicated member ombuds
  • A call center requirement of a 99.7 complaint-free percentage
  • Electronic tracking of rides to better track unsuccessful trips and the timeliness of services
  • Call center standards to help address call volume during peak hours
  • A transportation provider ombuds to assist transportation providers with contracting questions and claims processing
  • Network requirements for specialized medical vehicles to ensure access
  • A third-party NEMT member advocate to help members navigate the NEMT process and help resolve any issues or complaints

Has anything changed for members?

A smiling adult texting on smartphone on a sidewalk.Veyo will provide a number of service enhancements for members.

  • A dedicated NEMT management unit will be available to support rides related to critical appointments (such as dialysis, cancer treatments, hospital services, or dental emergencies). 
  • If a member is on the phone scheduling a ride and their request is denied, during that same call, they can ask to be transferred to an independent reviewer regarding their case for reconsideration. 
  • There will be additional call center standards aimed at improving member experience, including faster call response during peak hours. 
  • Members will be able to access a mobile-friendly portal for managing and scheduling rides to one of their last five destinations. This portal also allows members to request pickup for their ride home after an appointment, view the real-time location of their ride, and, if available, view driver photos and vehicle information.
  • Members will be able to file complaints online.

For more information about service enhancements, changes to existing policies, and other helpful information, view ForwardHealth Update 2021-35 (PDF), “New Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Manager for Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus Members.”

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Last Revised: October 12, 2021