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Medicaid: Monthly Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Data

Upcoming changes to the NEMT manager

In August of 2022, Veyo, the current manager for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in Wisconsin, was purchased by Medical Transportation Management (MTM), Inc.

Veyo has started their transition to MTM in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin NEMT program has begun using MTM Link, the MTM ride scheduling and mileage reimbursement system. There are no changes to NEMT covered services.

For information about the transition, visit the Medicaid NEMT Manager webpage or the Veyo Wisconsin website.

If you need help with your trip during the transition, call 866-907-1493 and select the Where's My Ride option.

The NEMT manager must provide monthly data about the performance and quality of non-emergency medical transportation. Reports are available on this webpage as soon as the Wisconsin Department of Health Services receives them from the NEMT manager.

Monthly performance reports




Please note: The most recent contract for NEMT services with new requirements and quality measures started on November 1, 2021. Performance reports will be available starting from November 2021.

Last revised January 22, 2024