Registration FAQs

In January 2014, the Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH) launched a new registration system called PHREDS (Public Health Registration for Electronic Data Submission System). PHREDS is now the only way to register for electronically reporting data to the following DPH programs:

  • Cancer Data
  • Immunizations
  • Reportable Lab Results
  • Syndromic Surveillance


How do I access PHREDS?

Go to the PHREDS enrollment page. You cannot access PHREDS without a PHREDS account. Please note that it may take up to three business days for a PHREDS enrollment request to be approved. For this reason, do not wait until the 60th day of your reporting period to enroll in PHREDS.

What is PHREDS?

PHREDS is a DPH SharePoint site. To access PHREDS, you need to request a PHREDS account. PHREDS includes:

  • The registration forms needed to register for any/all of the above programs.
  • Information on how DPH is distributing Meaningful Use Acknowledgements.
    • Note: Acknowledgements for Testing and Ongoing Submission statuses will only be posted in PHREDS.
  • Contact information for each of the above DPH programs.
Does enrolling in PHREDS mean that I have registered for a DPH program?

No. You must submit a PHREDS registration form for your organization to be registered with any of the above DPH programs. To submit a PHREDS registration form, follow the instructions in the "Registration" page within PHREDS.

Can an EHR vendor register on behalf of its clients?

No. DPH requires that each legal entity register itself for public health programs. This means that a vendor cannot register on behalf of its clients. This is done to ensure that DPH has a contact within each registered legal entity. This also ensures that the legal entity has access to its registration information for Meaningful Use attestation and auditing purposes. A vendor may be listed as a technical contact in the PHREDS registration form at the discretion of the legal entity.

Can an organization register for multiple facilities?

Yes. An organization may register in one PHREDS registration form on behalf of all the facilities that are under its legal ownership.

Can other PHREDS users see my organization's registration information?

No. The information provided in a PHREDS registration form is only visible to the person who created the form and DPH staff. Access to the PHREDS registration form can be given to other people within your organization; see the PHREDS site for more information.

Acknowledgements for Testing and Ongoing Submission are posted within PHREDS. This means that all PHREDS users can see the Testing and Ongoing Submission statuses of all organizations registered with PHREDS.

Are there different types of PHREDS registration forms?

Yes. There are two PHREDS registration form types to accommodate different registration scenarios: the Individual Provider form and the Multiple Provider form. The Registration page of the PHREDS site explains which form should be used for different registration scenarios.

How should an Eligible Professional (EP) who works at multiple sites register in PHREDS?

Only register for the physical location where you do the majority of your work, using the PHREDS Individual Provider form. You may list the other sites where you practice in the "Comments" field of the PHREDS Individual Provider form, but this is not required.

Is PHREDS only for Meaningful Use?

No. Any providers who would like to submit data to the Cancer, Immunization, Reportable Lab Results, and/or Syndromic Surveillance programs must now register through PHREDS, regardless of their Meaningful Use participation.

In addition to the PHREDS registration form, are there additional registration forms for each of the public health programs?

No. The PHREDS registration forms cover all of the information needed to register for the Cancer, Immunization, Reportable Lab Results, and Syndromic Surveillance programs.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions about PHREDS, send them to

Last Revised: January 20, 2015