Access to Fruits and Vegetables Initiatives

Making maximum use of limited resources is a position many coalitions find themselves in. Listed in this section are links to resources to help develop and maintain your coalition.

Listed below are information and references to address physical activity and nutrition in specific sites or settings within the community.

There are many sectors or settings that influence fruit and vegetable consumption. This page provides links to resources in a variety of community settings.

Got Access CoverGot Access? P-00341 (PDF) is a guide for improving access to fruits and vegetables in local communities. Local coalitions, community organizations, and mobilized citizens can use the components of this guide to increase the availability of and access to fruits and vegetables.

Got Access? order form F-80025a (Word)

General Information

Wisconsin Farmers' Market Availability and Percent Poverty by Census Tract Map, P-01967 (PDF)

Use Your Quest Card at Local Farmers' Markets Flyer, P-01831 (PDF)

Fruit and Veggies: More Matters

For more information on using this national brand to create your own materials or to obtain a sublicense, please contact Mary Pesik. You do not need a brand sublicense to use materials directly from the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s website.

Wisconsin Local Food Marketing Guide (PDF)



Strategies List

Farm to Work Toolkit, Texas Farm to Work Program (PDF)

Materials for Implementation

Farm to School, Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch

Farm to School, National Farm to School website

Farm to Work, Texas Farm to Work toolkit (PDF)

Evaluation Tools

Farm to School, National Farm to School website

Last Revised: February 5, 2021