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Food System Initiatives: Access to Fruits and Vegetables

Making it easy for people to make healthy choices is key to creating a healthy community. To make good choices, healthy options must be available and affordable. These tools can help your community improve access to healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. The resources we offer can help in a variety of settings.


Got Access Cover showing a drawing of green peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. The title reads: Got Access? A guide for improving fruit and vegetable access in Wisconsin communities

Got Access? P-00341 (PDF) is a guide to help make fruits and vegetables more available and easier for people to access. Local coalitions, community organizations, and mobilized citizens can use this guide. The toolkit offers strategies to help in a variety of settings from farmers markets to food pantries. The goal is to improve nutrition throughout all communities in Wisconsin by making it easier for people to make healthy choices.

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Last revised May 9, 2023