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Food System Initiatives: Restaurant Interventions

Making it easy for people to make healthy choices is key to creating a healthy community. To make good choices, healthy options must be available and affordable, including at restaurants. These tools can help improve your community’s access to healthy foods and beverages.


Order Up Healthy

Order Up Healthy, P-00562 (PDF) is a toolkit to address food options and environments in restaurants. The toolkit can be used by local coalitions, community leaders and other public health champions. It can help increase availability and access to healthier foods and beverages. It also includes tips on how to promote healthier choices in restaurants. Order Up Healthy provides a step-by-step guide to assess, partner with, and choose strategies for restaurants in your community. It features evidence-based methods. The toolkit includes stories from the field that show how to put these strategies into practice.

Working with Restaurants guide

Working with Restaurants: Tips, Examples, Resources & Research (Word)

Survey tool

Nutrition Environmental Measures Survey

Last revised June 21, 2023