Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity: Health Care Initiatives

Health Care

Listed below are information and references to address physical activity and nutrition in the health care setting.  The information has been arranged as general health care resources, resources for prevention and screening, and treatment resources.

State Plan Cover See what's in the 2013-2018 Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity State Plan for Healthcare.


Health Care Resources
  • Position statements
  • Resource materials
  • Waiting room brochures
  • Training opportunities
    (Certificates of weight management)
Prevention and Screening
  • Guidelines
  • Growth charts
  • Tools


Management and Treatment
  • Guidelines
  • Expert recommendations




What Works in Healthcare P-40142 (PDF, 360 KB) - A four-page summary of evidence-based and promising strategies that focus on helping people eat healthier and be more active in the healthcare setting.

Last Revised: November 3, 2016