Local Implementation of the Wisconsin Nutrition and Physical Activity State Plan - Social Marketing and Formative Assessment

Social Marketing / Formative Assessment

Social marketing can be thought of as a mindset used in planning and partnership development, or a structured and strategic planning process. It can be used to influence the behavior of individuals or the behavior of policymakers and influential persons for policy and environmental changes.

Social Marketing Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Social Marketing Resources  - A link to social marketing resources from the CDC.

Obesity Prevention Coordinator's Social Marketing Guidebook (PDF, 2.6 MB) - This guidebook provides guidance as to how to coordinate an obesity and overweight prevention intervention. Each section of this guidebook focuses on a distinct phase in the social marketing process.

Wisconsin Social Marketing Case Study - This case study is meant to provide an example on “how” of planning a social marketing intervention by people who actually went through the process.

Formative Assessment Resources and Techniques

Focus Groups ("Select Word version of Session 2 Moving to the Future Worksheets", Page 72)

Community Forums/Meetings ("Select Word version of Session 2 Moving to the Future Worksheets", Page 70)

In-Depth Interviews

Community Opinion Survey (Select Word version of "Session 2 Moving to the Future Worksheets", Page 57)

Environmental Assessment

SWOT Analysis

Rapid Assessment Procedure 

Surveys - mail, phone or web-based

Literature Review

Other Resources

Audience Segmentation - Segmenting Audiences to Promote Energy Balance: A Resource Guide for Public Health Professionals (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Stakeholder Empowered Assessments and Evaluation (PDF, 72 KB)

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Last Revised: May 12, 2016