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Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity: Partnership with healthTIDE

Chronic Disease Prevention and Partner Group Activities

healthTIDE is a movement of partners working toward the same goal—uniting, connecting, and aligning multisector partners across Wisconsin who are working to make the healthy choice the easy choice and reduce health disparities so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Partners come together to create lasting policy, system, and environmental changes related to nutrition and physical activity.

Nutrition and Physical Activity staff in the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and healthTIDE support staff associated with the University of Wisconsin, collaborate to convene, facilitate, and support statewide teams in a variety of settings to improve nutrition and physical activity initiatives in Wisconsin.

Action Teams, Settings, and Work Groups

  • Active Communities
  • Breastfeeding
  • Community-Clinical Linkages
  • Early Care and Education
  • Food System
  • Health Systems
  • Schools
  • Worksites

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Wisconsin Partnership for Activity and Nutrition (WI PAN) has been consolidated with healthTIDE

The Wisconsin Nutrition and Physical Activity Workgroup was formed in 1999 to discuss strategies that could be implemented to address the alarming increase in childhood obesity. In December 2003, the membership selected an organizational structure that included six subcommittees: environment, schools, healthcare, families and communities, business and industry, and surveillance. The partnership and its subcommittees are the primary planning vehicle for the development of the Nutrition and Physical Activity State Plan. In September 2005, the group changed their name to the Wisconsin Partnership for Activity and Nutrition to better reflect their mission. As of 2015, the combined partners now identify as healthTIDE.

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Last revised March 25, 2021