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Worksite Wellness Resource Kit

Wisconsin Worksite Wellness cover

The fourth version of the Worksite Wellness Resource Kit (March 2018) is a tool to assist worksites with implementing strategies that have been proven to be effective. This fourth edition of the kit provides additional information based on feedback from users and an expert panel that assisted with writing and editing the latest edition.

The emotional well-being section has been expanded and a new financial wellness section has been added, as well as an update of content throughout the document. The kit provides information to implement a broad range of strategies or programming: some strategies will require very little or no resources while others may require considerable resources. The kit shows you ways to get started and make a difference in the health of your employees, regardless of the size of your worksite and its available resources.

Worksite Wellness Resource Kit, P-40135 (PDF). A PDF version of the full Worksite Wellness Resource Kit.

Complete the order form, F-80025A (Word) to receive a free, printed copy of the resource kit.

If you just want to look at or print a specific section, you can download them here:


What Works in Worksites, P-40133 (PDF) is a companion document to the Worksite Wellness Resource Kit. This two-page summary of evidence-based and promising strategies focuses on helping people eat healthier and be more active in the workplace.


Last revised January 19, 2021