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Asbestos Company

A certification for a person or group that performs, oversees, or advertises asbestos work (or plans to).


Initial, Renewal


In Wisconsin, a person or group must be certified to perform, oversee, or advertise asbestos work. This includes asbestos removal, abatement, or disturbance. It also includes air sampling, inspection and bulk sampling, and asbestos management.

There is a separate certification for an exterior asbestos company. This certification is for a person or group that performs, oversees, or advertises outside asbestos work on materials with asbestos that don’t crumble (non-friable) and stay that way during the project.

A certified asbestos company also must hire or contract certified people to do asbestos work.


Two years


$400 for two years. State and local government agencies don’t have to pay the fee.

Program information

The Asbestos Program makes sure asbestos professionals are trained, certified, and work safely.

Last revised December 8, 2023