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SeniorCare: Renewing Your Benefits

SeniorCare is a program for Wisconsin residents who are 65 or older and need help paying for medicine. The program helps seniors pay for prescription drugs. Your benefits are approved for a 12-month period. You must fill out a renewal application if you want to renew your benefits.

Download an application/renewal form

We’ll send you a preprinted renewal application and instructions in the mail about six weeks before your current benefits end. The renewal application will be preprinted with the information that SeniorCare has on file for you. You need to review it to make sure it’s correct. If anything has changed or is incorrect, fill out the “change” section to report it. 

You’ll also get instructions and an income calculation worksheet with the renewal application to help you. You should keep the instructions and worksheet for your records.

Send the renewal application and fee to:

PO Box 6710
Madison, WI 53716-0710

For more information, call SeniorCare Customer Service at 800-657-2038 or visit the SeniorCare home page.

Renewal frequently asked questions

Return your renewal application as soon as possible. This helps you avoid possible delays or gaps in coverage. You only need to return the renewal application. You can keep the instructions and income calculation worksheet.

You must pay a $30 enrollment fee each year. Submit it with your renewal application.

SeniorCare will send you a decision in writing within four to six weeks after receiving your renewal application. Incomplete applications won’t be processed and will be returned to you.

Call SeniorCare Customer Service at 800-657-2038 for renewal questions. 

You should also call if: 

  • The applicant or spouse listed on the renewal application is no longer living in the house or has died. 
  • The spouse living with you is different than the one listed on the renewal application. 
  • You got married during your current benefit period. 
  • You want to authorize a representative to fill out the application for you. 
  • You want to change your current representative to fill out your application.

Ask yourself the following questions before you return the application: 

  • Is my renewal application filled out completely? 
  • Did I or my authorized representative sign the renewal application? 
  • Did I include my enrollment fee ($30 per person)? 
  • Did I include my and/or my spouse’s Social Security number on my check or money order for the enrollment fee? 
  • Did I read the section on rights and responsibilities?

We are an equal opportunity employer and service provider. If you have a disability and need to access this information in a different format, or in another language, call SeniorCare Customer Service at 800-657-2038. Translation services are free.

Call 608-267-4955, TTY: 711 or email

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Last revised December 7, 2023