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SeniorCare: Vaccines


It's easier than ever to stay healthy with SeniorCare. You can protect yourself by getting key vaccines with no out-of-pocket costs. See what vaccines are covered and where to get the ones you need for your best health.


Vaccines now available through SeniorCare

VaccineStatusAs Of
Chickenpox (varicella)CoveredJune 6, 2022
COVID-19, 2023-2024 formulaCoveredSeptember 11, 2023
DiphtheriaCoveredJune 6, 2022
Flu (influenza)CoveredJune 6, 2022
Hepatitis ACoveredJune 6, 2022
Hepatitis BCoveredJune 6, 2022
MeningococcalCoveredJune 6, 2022
PneumococcalCoveredJune 6, 2022
RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)CoveredSeptember 5, 2023
Shingles (zoster)CoveredJune 6, 2022
TetanusCoveredJune 6, 2022
Whooping cough (pertussis)CoveredJune 6, 2022
Last revised March 27, 2024