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SeniorCare: Apply or Renew

Find information about applying for and renewing your SeniorCare coverage.


SeniorCare is a program for Wisconsin residents who are 65 or older and need help paying for medicine. The program helps seniors pay for prescription drugs and vaccines.

You can apply for SeniorCare the month you turn 65. Once you’re 65, you can apply at any time. Coverage begins the month after you apply. To learn more about SeniorCare, see our frequently asked questions


You'll need to complete a renewal process each year to stay enrolled in SeniorCare. About six weeks before your current benefits end, we’ll mail you a packet with instructions for renewing.  If you do not receive a packet, you can download a new application form, fill it out, and send it in with the $30 annual fee to initiate your renewal.  

To learn more about the renewal process and find answers to frequently asked questions, go to SeniorCare: Renewing Your Benefits


You can use these forms to apply for or renew your SeniorCare benefits:

Return the completed application form and $30 fee to:

PO Box 6710
Madison, WI 53716-0710

If you have questions, contact SeniorCare Customer Service at 800-657-2038.

Tribal and county aging offices

Contact your aging office to learn about services for older adults.

Tribal aging offices

County aging offices

Last revised December 7, 2023