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Information About Caretaker Supplement (CTS)

Wisconsin’s Caretaker Supplement (CTS) is a cash benefit for parents who get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments and who meet the program rules. 


CTS benefits are $275 per month for the first eligible child and $165 per month for each additional eligible child. CTS benefits are paid to SSI members as part of their monthly state SSI benefit.


You should apply for CTS if you are a parent who:

  • Gets SSI
  • Has limited income and assets
  • Are living with and caring for your minor children

You can apply for CTS over the phone, by mail, or at your local county agency. You can also apply for CTS in ACCESS when you are also applying for health care or FoodShare benefits. If you already get FoodShare, Medicaid, or child care benefits, you should contact your local agency to apply for CTS. You cannot apply for CTS at your local Social Security office.


  • You must be getting a Wisconsin SSI payment.
  • Your children must meet income and asset requirements.
  • Your household must meet some nonfinancial criteria, such as Wisconsin residency.
  • You cannot get CTS benefits for any of your children who are also receiving SSI.
  • If your children have two parents in the household, both parents must be getting SSI.
  • Any parent who gets CTS benefits must cooperate with the child support agency to ensure that any absent parent is paying child support.
  • If your SSI benefits end, your CTS benefits will also end.

Impact on other benefits

CTS benefits will not affect your health care benefits, but they could affect the amount of FoodShare that you get. However, your CTS benefit will be more than any decrease in your monthly FoodShare amount.


Last revised September 21, 2023