Wisconsin Trauma Care Registry


The Wisconsin Trauma Registry contains injury information from patients presenting to local hospitals (both trauma-designated and non-designated hospitals). This data collection effort is a way to improve patient care, to provide trauma training, and to define a standard on which to measure care.

DHS 118.09 provides the authority for the Department of Health Services to collect and analyze trauma system data to evaluate the delivery of adult and pediatric trauma care, develop injury prevention strategies for all ages, and provide resources for research and education. DHS 118.09(3) directs all hospitals, ambulance service providers and first responder services to submit data to the department on a quarterly basis determined by the department.

Trauma Registry Portals

ImageTrend Trauma Registry -admissions 2016 to present


To request a username and password for the ImageTrend Trauma Registry, contact a user with Hospital Administrator access to your facility.


Below are common questions regarding the Wisconsin Trauma Registry.

Who has to report? 

All hospitals that provide any level of care to trauma patients must submit data to the State Trauma Registry.

How does data get in the registry? 

Hospitals have the option to purchase their own registry software and "upload" batch reports to the state registry or they can enter data directly into Wisconsin's trauma registry at no cost to the organization.

How is the data used? 

The purpose of Wisconsin's Trauma Care System is to reduce death and disability resulting from traumatic injury. The data in the trauma registry is used for performance improvement activities at the state, regional and local level.

Is the data private and secure?

All data sent to the State Trauma Registry is confidential and protected. Aggregate reports are designed to ensure that no single individual, hospital, or EMS provider can be identified. 

In July of 2010, Wisconsin's Trauma Registry underwent several important changes: 

  • A new URL (web address) - the vendor is now "hosting" the registry  
  • A new look with several important upgrades 
  • A "practice environment" to develop skills and become familiar with the newer version of the product


Contact the State Trauma Registry Staff for further information.


Last Revised: June 5, 2017