Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS)

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The Wisconsin Division of Public Health provides a secure, web-based reporting system called the Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS) Elite.  Ambulance service providers are able to enter and submit their ambulance run information electronically via the Internet. This web-based program is available at no charge to Wisconsin ambulance service providers.

The program provides each ambulance service with the following: 

  • Ambulance run reporting 
    • Can be customized for each service 
    • Printable run reports 
  • Over 100 pre-programmed quality assurance and/or quality improvement reports 
  • Ad-hoc reporting 
  • An internal service-wide email system 
  • A dashboard for each ambulance service provider to customize 

Other third-party data collection or ePCR programs may be used as long as they are able to interface with WARDS Elite.  The only requirement is for the program to pass the required Schematron file and obtain a 96% or greater validation result.

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Features/Benefits of WARDS Elite

  • WARDS is easy to use. 
  • An electronic report replaces the written ambulance run report. 
  • Data available to the service will be current. 
  • Continuous quality improvement (CQI) functions are included in the program. 
  • Service information is available at the manager's fingertips for annual reports, budget requests, training records, and other performance measures such as EMS Compass. 
  • System can identify spikes in symptoms and allow for investigation and possible disease outbreaks.
  • System will assist in identifying interventions that work best for patients by comparing interventions used with different conditions and patient outcomes.
  • Allows use of less expensive pads and tablets with touch screens for more efficient data entry. Full functioned computers and laptops are no longer required.

Obtain Access to WARDS Elite

WARDS Elite is a secure, web-based system, and therefore a User ID and password are required to access the system. All licensed personnel are given an account once their Local Credential Agreement (LCA) for a service is approved through your E-Licensing account. From your E-Licensing account you will find a link that will take you directly to your WARDS Elite account. Existing users should try their E-Licensing account login info if their current WARDS login info is unsuccessful. If you run into difficulties please try to recover your password using the link on the login page. If still unsuccessful please call our office during regular business hours at 608-266-1568 or email dhsemssmail@Wisconsin.gov. If you are requesting Hospital Access, please have the Trauma Coordinator or EMS Coordinator for the hospital contact Chuck Happel at 608-266-0471 or charles.happel@wisconsin.gov.

For hospital personnel to have access to the patient care reports for those patients transported to their facility a new Hospital Hub database has been made available. This database will allow access to both previous WARDS v.2 reports as well as the new WARDS Elite v.3 reports. While some hospital personnel have access currently we will be working with the Trauma and EMS Coordinators for these facilities to provide access to additional staff. We appreciate your patience during this transition as we strive to improve this access.

Aggregate Reports

NEMSIS (National EMS Information System)

NEMSIS is a national database that stores aggregate data from all participating states.  Statistical information may be obtained from this database on a variety of topics such as disposition, elapsed times and delays, medical- or trauma-related transports, and specific diagnoses such as cardiac arrest. None of the data provided to NEMSIS contains any patient's protected health information (PHI). Wisconsin has been providing data to NEMSIS since 2013.

The version of NEMSIS currently being used in WARDS is version 2.2.1. WARDS Elite is based on the new NEMSIS v.3 database and capable of accepting either version 3.3.4 or 3.4.  Below are resources that can be used to identify the data that is either required or optionally provided by all services statewide.

Current Version 2 Information

Updated Version 3.4 Information

WARDS Elite Test Accounts for practice at the following levels:

Permission Level Username Password
Service Provider emsprov Testing1
Service Director servdir Testing1
Medical Director meddir Testing1






For further information about WARDS, contact Chuck Happel at 608-266-0471 or charles.happel@wisconsin.gov.  

Last Revised: October 5, 2017