WMHI - Waterwood School

Waterwood School is a K-12 school for the youth patients of WMHI. The school operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Licensed teachers work with the youth's treatment team to provide a caring and supportive school environment that promotes wellness and learning progress.

Youth are enrolled in school when they are considered residents of Winnebago. Residency coincides with a legal status of “14 day," “settlement agreement," “county commitment," “voluntary,” or other status determined by the court.

School Structure

Youth are assessed at initial enrollment to inform the design of an individualized instruction plan. The pace of instruction is determined on performance. Classes are 40 minutes long followed by a scheduled break. Students are issued points for task engagement and completion. Points may be exchanged for free time or other rewards in the school store.

School records are obtained from the youth’s home school. Materials may also be obtained. This includes assignments. These materials may be transported by a visiting parent, allowing the youth to sustain the progress of the semester and be positioned for a successful return to their home school.

Youth in grades 9 through 12 earn credit for their school experience based on the Carnegie Unit. At discharge a transcript is prepared and sent to the home school along with the records that were received at the point of enrollment.

Contact Waterwood School

Lois Gerstmeyer, School Secretary
Phone: 920-236-2921
Fax: 920-237-2042
Email: Lois.Gerstmeyer@wisconsin.gov

Karen Kapocius, Principal
Phone: 920-235-4910 ext. 2383
Email: Karen.Kapocius@wisconsin.gov


Last Revised: July 24, 2017