WMHI: Contact Information

Call 920-235-4910 with general questions or concerns.

Phone number directory

Call 920-235-4910, then enter the extension below.

  • Admissions office: ext. 2527
    • Registrar's office: ext. 2530 or ext. 2916
  • Business manager: ext. 2508
  • Client rights facilitators: ext. 2028 or ext. 2208
  • Director's office: ext. 2905
  • Director of nursing: ext. 2570
  • Health information management/medical records: ext. 2207 / Confidential Information Release Authorization, F-82009Y
  • Human resources/employment: ext. 2914
  • Medical director: ext. 2212
  • Psychology director: ext. 2290
  • Service directors: (Gordon Hall/Petersik Hall) ext. 2432 / (Sherman Hall) ext. 2360
  • Social services director: ext. 2590
  • Staff development/training department: ext. 2168  
  • Therapeutic services director: ext. 2372
  • Video conferencing: Pager: 920-902-1268
  • Waterwood School: ext. 2921

Members of the media seeking information about WMHI programs and services should call 608-266-1683.

Fax number directory

  • Admissions office: 920-237-2041
  • Business office: 920-237-2047
  • Director's office: 920-237-2043
  • Health information management/medical records: 920-236-2931 / Confidential Information Release Authorization, F-82009Y
  • Human resources/employment: 920-236-2935
  • Registrar's office: 920-237-2041

Email directory

Electronic copies of court documents should be sent to: dhswmhiadmissions@dhs.wisconsin.gov.


Post office mailing address
Winnebago Mental Health Institute
PO Box 9
Winnebago, WI 54985-0009

Concerns about patient care

Staff at WMHI provide high quality, compassionate patient care. Please address all complaints about patient care to WMHI management. If the concerns are not resolved through management, complaints may also be filed with WMHI client rights facilitators, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Division of Quality Assurance, and The Joint Commission.

WMHI client rights facilitators

For more information on the client rights for individuals receiving services at WMHI, visit the DHS Client Rights Office's website. WMHI has client rights facilitators who review and address concerns regarding patient care. Call 920-235-4910, ext. 2028, or 920-235-4910, ext. 2208.

DHS Division of Quality Assurance

Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Division of Quality Assurance
PO Box 2969
Madison, WI 53701
Overview of the complaint process

  • Call: 800-642-6552
  • Email
The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission
Office of Quality and Patient Safety
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Overview of the complaint process

Last Revised: June 16, 2021