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Wisconsin Wayfinder: Explore Options for Medical Insurance

Many families can get free health coverage for their children and teens under Medicaid. Some families will pay a small fee, depending on parents’ incomes, while Katie Beckett Medicaid disregards parent income.

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Parent and Child at Kitchen Table Talking

Want help understanding your options?

Contact a Wisconsin Wayfinder children’s resource guide. They can explain how to get:

  • Primary and acute care services
  • Home, community-based, and supplementary services

Compare programs for children with delays or disabilities

It can be tough to learn the broad range of programs that may help your child. This cross-comparison of children’s services programs can help you learn about key program features. It will also help you understand common abbreviations.

Learn who is eligible for children's programs

There are a number of ways a child can be found eligible to receive supports and services. For some programs, a certified screener meets with families to start the process with a tool called a functional screen.

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Parent and Child On Couch Reading

Medicaid and children’s services program benefits

Getting to know Medicaid and Children’s Services Program benefits might be confusing, especially when families are first learning about options to support their child’s special health care needs. Children could be eligible to enroll in one or more programs depending on their needs.

How does a child qualify for financial support?

It’s important to find out what services and supports can best meet your child’s needs. Wisconsin Wayfinder children’s resource guides can help you understand your options. Many know from lived experience that specialists, therapy sessions, medical equipment, and medications can be financially stressful. But there are helpful resources out there for Wisconsin families. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Family of Four Holds Dogs

Helpful resources for families in children’s services programs

We are here to make asking for and getting help easier. It’s good to know that there are caring services in Wisconsin for families with children with delays, disabilities, special health care needs, and mental health conditions.

Medical care costs: what to expect

Some children may be eligible for health care coverage through Medicaid, even if the family has other insurance. Medicaid can help to pay for services that support the needs of children.

There are many types of Medicaid programs. Each has certain requirements you must meet if you want to enroll:

  • Children may qualify for Medicaid even if they aren’t eligible for other Medicaid programs because of their parents’ or guardians’ income of assets.
  • Children may qualify for Medicaid even if they are covered by private health insurance.

Some families may pay a modest enrollment fee or premium, and copayments for specific services. Some families may have to pay part of the cost of services in the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program, the Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program, and Children’s Community Options Program (CCOP).

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Parent and Child Meet With Provider

Programs that can assist with the cost of a child’s medical care

Wisconsin Medicaid programs for children include options for health care or long-term care services. Each has certain requirements to enroll and provides different types of services.

Last revised November 1, 2023