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Wisconsin Wayfinder: Guidance on Programs and Support

One of the ways you can support your child’s development and your family is to get helpful resources as soon as possible. It may seem overwhelming at first because there are many programs and supports available.

Get help from the Children's Resource Network

Families and professionals can get connected with the different services, supports, and programs in the Children’s Resource Network that support children and youth ages 0-21 who have delays, disabilities, special health care needs, or mental health conditions. You can connect with Wisconsin Wayfinder: Children’s Resource Network by calling toll-free (877) WiscWay (877-947-2929) or contact us online to get free information and referral services provided by compassionate, trained children’s resource guides in your area.

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Parent on Phone

Explore Wisconsin's programs

Birth to 3 Program

One of the best ways you can support your child’s development is to access helpful resources as soon as possible. The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program serves families with children under the age of 3 who have delays or disabilities. Once enrolled, a team of professional service providers works with your family to support growth and learning. A child’s services will be shaped by the family’s culture, beliefs, and individual needs.

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Parent With Baby

Children's Long-Term Support Program

The Children’s Long Term Support Program (also known as CLTS) helps children and young adults under the age of 22 with significant developmental, physical, or emotional disabilities and their families live their best lives in their home and community. Supports and services might include everything from respite care and transportation to assistive technology and home modifications.

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Parent Pushes Child in Wheelchair

Katie Beckett Medicaid

Katie Beckett Medicaid serves children under 19 with long-term disabilities or complex medical needs. Children who are not eligible for other Medicaid programs because parents’ income or assets are too high may be eligible for Medicaid through Katie Beckett

Wisconsin Wayfinder: Parent and Child Smiling

Children's Community Options Program

The Children’s Community Options Program (also known as CCOP) provides a coordinated approach to supporting families who have a child with a disability. It may pay for supports and services that you can’t get through other insurance, Medicaid, or CLTS. It can also pay for a one-time need.

Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a program that focuses on unique needs that relate to mental health and substance use. CCS is meant to help with recovery. The program works to stabilize and address mental health and substance use concerns.

Coordinated Services Teams Initiatives

Coordinated Services Teams Initiatives (also known as CST) help provide a complete, personalized system of care known as “wraparound.” These focus on children and young adults  with complex behavioral health needs. A team of family members and service providers work together to design and carry out a service plan for a child. Learn more about CST.

Last revised November 1, 2023