Children’s Long-Term Support: Program Costs

The Children’s Long-Term Support Program helps kids and families pay for certain services. You may have to pay part of the cost for a service yourself. We call this a parental payment limit.

How much do I have to pay?

The parental payment limit differs for each family. You’ll go through these steps to find out if you need to pay for some program services:

  1. You meet with the support and service coordinator. They are from your county health and human services agency. They’ll create a service plan just for your family.
  2. The support and service coordinator uses a formula. This helps confirm if you have a parental payment limit. The formula comes from Wisconsin Administrative Code. It looks at:
  1. The support and service coordinator re-applies the formula each year. They may look at it more often if you have a big life change. You can talk to them if you think they need to re-calculate your limit.

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Last Revised: May 11, 2022