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WLTCAC: Meetings

The Wisconsin Long-Term Care Advisory Council (WLTCAC) meets six times a year. It reserves time on each agenda to hear from the public about the issues and concerns the public may have about the long-term care system in Wisconsin. If you have the opportunity, you may want to come to a meeting and hear about the issues facing Wisconsin as we move forward to improve our state's long-term care system.

If you have questions about the Council or upcoming meetings, call the Division of Medicaid Services, Benefits and Service Delivery at 608-267-7286 or email us at

The Long-Term Care Advisory Committee will be holding its meetings virtually until further notice. The public is welcome to observe the meetings. The Zoom link for each meeting can be found in the meeting's agenda.

Upcoming meetings

Past meetings




Meeting information from previous years can be found on the Public Meeting Notices & Minutes website.

Disclaimer about advisory council content

This content reflects the views and opinions of the advisory council. It may not reflect the official policy or position of DHS.

Last revised May 6, 2024