Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit Information


Wisconsin Resource Center
PO Box 16, 1505 North Drive
Winnebago, WI  54985

The Wisconsin Resource Center (WRC) employs a unit-based treatment concept.  Male inmates are assigned to 20-34 bed units based on common needs or characteristics.  The Wisconsin Women's Resource Center (WWRC) has three units with 10, 12, and 23 beds.

The inmates are convicted felons who have been referred to WRC by the Department of Corrections for special mental health or behavioral treatment.

Unit 1
Medium Custody Service Area
Institution Unit Supervisor: Jason McHugh

Unit 12
Daily Incentive Program/Moving Forward
Institution Unit Supervisor: Brian Miller
Unit 2
Intermediate Psychiatric
Nursing Supervisor: Melissa Mitchell
Unit 13 - Vacant
Unit 3
AODA Release
AODA Clinical Coordinator: Dr. Scott Huntington
Unit 14 - Vacant
Unit 4
High Management Security
Institution Unit Supervisor:  Dee Kapitzke
Unit 15
Psychiatric Admissions/Acute
Institution Unit Supervisor: Brett Vandewalle
Unit 5
Institution Unit Supervisor: Janice Roberts
Unit 16
Maximum Custody Service Area 
Institution Unit Supervisor: Ed Kremer
Unit 6
Institution Unit Supervisor: Robert Kriz
Unit 17
Maximum Custody Service Area
Institution Unit Supervisor: Keith Frey
Unit 7
Medium Custody Service Area
Institution Unit Supervisor: Angela Wood
Unit 18
Maximum Custody Service Area
Institution Unit Supervisor: Darryl Franklin
Unit 8
Pre-Release & ATR Mental Health
Institution Unit Supervisor: Tim Reichenberger
Unit W-20
WWRC Specialized Treatment
Clinical Coordinator: Tom Ross
Unit 9 - Vacant Unit W-21
WWRC Moderate Acuity
Institution Unit Supervisor: Sharon Harter

Unit 10 - Vacant

Unit W-22
WWRC High Acuity
Nursing Supervisor: Matthew Butkiewicz
Unit 11
Program Security
Institution Unit Supervisor: Dee Kapitzke
Last Revised: October 24, 2016