Demographics of Aging in Wisconsin

The American Community Survey Statewide and County Aging Profiles, 2011-15

These three files linked below contain demographic, economic and social information about the older population for every Wisconsin county and the state as a whole. The source of the profiles is the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey for 2011-15, which is a five-year average of data.

The county file is a single file in which the reader may select a single county with a drop-down arrow embedded in the file. Each county’s characteristics are compared to respective statewide averages. The statewide file compares Wisconsin’s characteristics to national averages.

Lastly, the compendium file offers characteristics of the cities, towns and villages within counties.

State of Wisconsin Profile of Persons Ages 65 and Older (P-01213A, Excel, 78 KB)
Wisconsin County Profiles of Persons Ages 65 and Older (P-01213, Excel, 78 KB)
State of Wisconsin Sub-County Compendium (P-01213, Excel, 3.4 MB)

Wisconsin Projected Populations by Age Through 2040

This file contains projected population by select age groups reflecting changes in the older population from 2010 - 2040 in every Wisconsin county. The select age groups are ages 55 and older, 60 and older, and 85 and older. The tables have been created from data from the Wisconsin Department of Administrations' Demographic Services Center.

Wisconsin County Population Projections Through 2040 (P-00138A, PDF, 152KB)]

For More Information

For more details about your county's population, or for other Census information, please contact Eric Grosso, Department of Health Services, Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources at 608-266-7803 or email

Last Revised: January 17, 2017