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Asthma-Safe Homes Program: Overview for Property Owners

Learn more about the role of property owners who have tenants participating in the Asthma-Safe Homes Program.

Multi-generational family in their home


As the owner of a single-family or multi-family rental property, there are many benefits to you and to your tenants for participating in Asthma-Safe Homes Program.

Property owner benefits
  • Free, detailed healthy home assessment and summary report of recommended repairs
  • Home repairs and improvements up to $5,000 completed by insured contractors at no cost to you
  • Increased energy efficiency of your property (depending on the type of repair)
  • Marketing edge that makes it easier to rent your property in the future
  • Healthy tenants who miss fewer days of work and are better able to stay current on rent payments
Tenant benefits
  • Healthier and safer home environment with no asthma triggers
  • Energy efficiency and weatherization repairs can save tenants money on utility bills.
  • Better controlled asthma that leads to fewer health care visits and costs, and fewer missed days of school or work
  • Better quality of life with less suffering

What to expect

If you have a tenant participating in the Asthma-Safe Homes Program's home repair services, you can expect to:

A yellow gloved hand spray at mold in the corner wall.

  • Receive a phone call from the Asthma-Safe Homes Program service provider in your area to schedule a meeting with you and your tenant. At that time you will review the home assessment report for your unit or property and a scope of work for proposed services.
  • Provide input and approve the scope of work by signing approval document and work contracts.
  • Receive communication from the Asthma-Safe Homes Program service provider and contractor(s) regarding scheduling and completion of the work.

Healthy homes resources

Check out these additional resources to learn more about creating healthy, asthma-friendly housing.

Healthy home checklist

Questions? E-mail the Asthma-Safe Homes Program for more information or call 608-266-1112.

Last revised January 9, 2023