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BadgerCare Plus: Prenatal Plan Member Information

Upcoming changes to the NEMT manager

In August of 2022, Veyo, the current manager for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in Wisconsin, was purchased by Medical Transportation Management (MTM), Inc.

Veyo has started their transition to MTM in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin NEMT program has begun using MTM Link, the MTM ride scheduling and mileage reimbursement system. There are no changes to NEMT covered services.

For information about the transition, visit the Medicaid NEMT Manager webpage or the Veyo Wisconsin website.

If you need help with your trip during the transition, call 866-907-1493 and select the Where's My Ride option.

BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan benefits start the first month you apply and meet the rules. Your benefits continue through the end of the month your pregnancy ends. Below is what you need to know while getting benefits.

Apply for benefits now

Using your ForwardHealth card

Front of Forward Health Card
Soon after you join the BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan, we send you a ForwardHealth card in the mail. If you had Family Planning Only Services, BadgerCare Plus, or Medicaid in the past, you won’t get a new card. You can use the same card you used before.

Need a card? Go to your ACCESS account or call ForwardHealth Member Services at 800-362-3002.

Your ForwardHealth card includes your name. It also has a 10-digit number and magnetic stripe. There is a place for you to sign your name as soon as you get it. If you need help, the Member Services phone number is on the card.

You need to show your card when you go to the doctor. You also need it when you pick up medicine at the pharmacy.

Getting services

You can go to any doctor who takes your ForwardHealth card.

Before you see the doctor, tell them you have the BadgerCare Prenatal Plan. Your doctor will let you know if your service is covered. If it’s not covered, you will have to pay to get the service.

Other doctor options

If you need a service your doctor doesn’t provide, they will refer you to someone who does. The law lets you choose any doctor who accepts your ForwardHealth card.

The BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan may not cover follow-up care after you give birth. If it doesn’t, your doctor may refer you to a health center. You can also go to a free or low-cost clinic.

If you have questions about getting a referral, ask your doctor.

Reporting changes

Within 10 days, let us know if you or anyone living with you:

  • Becomes pregnant or has a pregnancy end.
  • Gets married or divorced.
  • Has a change in health insurance coverage.
  • Has a change in monthly income.
  • Has a change in tax dependents.
  • Has a change in tax filing status.
  • Has a new address.
  • Has a change in where they are staying.
  • Moves in or out of your home.
  • No longer has a tax deduction you told us about previously.

You can report changes:

Last revised May 19, 2022