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Below, you will find links to materials that can be printed directly from this site. Some of these items are available in paper and can be ordered by completing an online request form. Most orders are sent out within 3 days. Those items available in paper format are indicated with an asterisk (*).


BadgerCare Plus Application Packet F-10182 (English*, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  2.4 MB)

Apply online at


BadgerCare Plus Health Care Coverage P-00674 (English, Spanish) (PDF,  537 KB)
BadgerCare Plus Health Care Coverage for Adults with No Dependent Children P-00674A (English) (PDF,  581 KB)

BadgerCare Plus Poster P-00675 (English, Spanish) (PDF,  756 KB)
BadgerCare Plus Poster Tear Off Sheets P-00675A (English, Spanish) (PDF,  587 KB)

Estate Recovery Transfer by Affidavit P-13009 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  85 KB)

ForwardHealth Enrollment and Benefits Handbook P-00079 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  2.6 MB)
A handbook will be mailed to each family who applies for a ForwardHealth Plan.

HealthCheck P-01007 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  358 KB)
A preventive health check-up program

Guide to Applying for Wisconsin Health and Nutrition Programs P-16091 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  377 KB)

A Guide to Obtain Augmentative Communication Devices and Accessories Through Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus P-11065 (English) (PDF,  73 KB)

Prenatal Care Coordination P-01046 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  70 KB)

Private Duty Nursing Guide P-01122 (English, Hmong, Spanish(PDF,  31 KB)

Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus Choice Booklet P-12020A (English, Hmong, Russian, Spanish) (PDF,  795 KB)

Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus HMO Program Guide P-12020 (English, Hmong, Russian, Spanish) (PDF,  148 KB)

Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus HMO Ombuds Brochure P-12002 (English, Hmong, Russian, Spanish) (PDF,  84 KB)

Wisconsin Medicaid Estate Recovery Program Handbook P-13032 (English, Hmong, Polish, Spanish) (PDF,  153 KB)

Fact Sheets

ACCESS - Application / Apply for Benefits Card P-00874 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  569 KB)

ACCESS/Marketplace Takeaway Card P-00555 (English, Spanish) (PDF,  540 KB)

BadgerCare Plus - Wisconsin's Connection to Health Care Coverage P-10179 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  224 KB)

Emergency Services - Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus P-10072 (English, Hmong, Spanish)

Estate Recovery Program Policy Changes Effective August 1, 2014 Fact Sheet P-00694 (English) (PDF,  219 KB)

ForwardHealth for Wisconsin Immigrants P-10164 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  43 KB)

Health Care For Migrant Workers P-10053 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  185 KB)

Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Plan P-10095 (English) (PDF,  122 KB)

Immigrants and BadgerCare Plus P-10180 (English) (PDF,  44 KB)

Key Contacts P-16108 (English, Spanish) (PDF,  50 KB)

Medical Support Liability P-10064 (English, Spanish) (PDF,  21 KB)

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation - Non-emergency medical transportation is a public transportation and shared ride service.

Tuberculosis (TB) Only Related Services P-10022 (English, Hmong, Spanish) (PDF,  118 KB)

Wisconsin Legal Services Programs P-10096 (PDF,  192 KB)

Last Revised: June 11, 2015