Caregiver Background Check Process

The Caregiver Law, under Wis. Stat. § 50.065 requires regulated facilities/entities to complete two types of caregiver background checks.

  1. Those completed by employers on their employees and contractors.
  2. Those completed by the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) on license applicants/license holders, some principal officers and nonclient residents.

Please select the appropriate links below for specific information on completing the required caregiver background checks. Even if DQA is conducting the background checks, you will still be required to complete and submit the appropriate forms and fees.

Employee Background Checks

These background checks are to be completed by the regulated facility/entity on their employees and contractors.

Licensee Applicants/License Holder Background Checks

These background, also know as Entity Background Checks, are completed by the DQA on all new and/or existing license applicants/license holders, some principal officers and non-client residents of DQA-regulated facilities/entities. See list of DQA-regulated facilities/entities.

"License" in this context also applies to registrations, certifications and approvals.

  • New Applicant Background Check Process – DQA must complete a Entity Background Check on the license applicant/legal representative prior to the approval of any new license, certification or registration of a DQA regulated facility.

This includes existing license holders who are applying for a new license, certificate or registration.

Findings, Convictions and Limitations

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If you have questions about either the employee background check process or the license holder background check process, please email the Office of Caregiver Quality (OCQ) or call 608-261-8319.

Last Revised: March 18, 2020