Environmental Health Tracking - Topics and Public Data

The Tracking Program is excited to introduce our new public data portal!  The new portal, launched in November 2015, is more efficient and user-friendly, with improved mapping, exporting, and mobility.  The most critical upgrade is the integration of sub-county level data, such as those at the census tract-level. 

We are moving data topics over to the new portal gradually.  Currently, air quality (ozone and PM2.5), heart attack, asthma, cancer, and lead poisoning data are on the new portal.  All other data topics are on the old portal but will be moved over soon.  To be notified when data are added to the new portal, sign up for our newsletter


The Tracking Program hosts data on nearly a dozen environmental public health topics.  Select your area of interest to learn more and to access the data portal.


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Last Revised: November 24, 2015