Family Care - Integrated Employment and Prevocational Services

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Integrated Employment

Prevocational Services

Progress Report and Service Plan Template

Technical Guidelines for Prevocational Services in Family Care and Partnership

Training for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)

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  • Introduction (2 min, 6 sec)
  • Module 1: Intent of Prevocational Services and Definition of "Integrated Employment" (4 min, 51 sec)
  • Module 2: Prevocational Services Explained (6 min, 58 sec)
  • Module 3: Informed Choice, the Inter-Disciplinary Team's Role and the Role of the Prevocational Service Provider (7 min, 13 sec)
  • Module 4: Guidelines for Members Classed as "New Entrants" to Prevocational Services (4 min, 13 sec)
  • Module 5: Guidelines for Members Classed as "Current Prevocational Service Recipients" (7 min, 59 sec)
  • Module 6: Guidelines for Reauthorizing Prevocational Services (8 min, 41 sec)
  • Six-Month Progress Report and Service Plan Template Training (52 min, 9 sec)

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Last Revised: April 20, 2017