FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET)

The FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) is a free program that can help you with building your job skills and helping you find opportunities for employment. FSET will assess your strengths, needs and preferences to help you with getting a job. If you are interested in FSET services, contact your agency to ask what FSET services are available in your area.

Note: You must be currently getting FoodShare benefits to take part in FSET. Apply now.


New FoodShare Rules


Effective April 1, 2015 if you are an adult ages 18 through 49 renewing or applying for FoodShare benefits and do not have any minor children living in your home, you may need to meet a work requirement or be found exempt from the work requirement to continue getting FoodShare benefits.


If you are an adult age 18 through 49, there are four ways you can meet your work requirement:

  1. Work at least 80 hours each month, or

  2. Take part in an allowable work program such as FSET, Wisconsin Works (W-2) or certain programs under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) at least 80 hours each month, or

  3. Both work and take part in an allowable work program for a combined total of at least 80 hours each month.

  4. Take part in and meet the requirements of a workfare program.

FSET can help you meet your work requirement. Learn more about the work requirement (PDF, 120 KB).


Keep in mind that if you choose not to meet the work requirement, you will only get 3 months of FoodShare benefits in a 36-month (3 year) period until you meet the work requirement, become exempt or your 36-month period has passed.


You can still take part in FSET even if you do not have to meet a work requirement at this time. To take part in FSET, contact your agency and let them know that you are interested in FSET services.


New FSET Regions and Service Providers

There are new FSET regions across the state. Some of these regions may have a new FSET Service Provider. See the FSET Region Map to find your region and your FSET Service Provider effective April 1, 2015.

Last Revised: February 9, 2015