Ventilator Units

Units specifically designated for the provision of care for people who are ventilator dependent are approved by the Division of Medicaid Services (DMS). The information below identifies facilities with approved ventilator units in Wisconsin as well as resources for consumers and providers.

To request to start a new ventilator unit, expand or decrease beds in a current unit, or close a ventilator unit please send a letter of intent to Rene Eastman

The following information must be included in the letter of intent:

  • Name and address of facility 
  • Specific changes the facility is proposing to implement on the ventilator unit 
  • Date that the changes will take place
  • Contact information for the unit
  • A letter from the DQA Office of Plan Review and Inspection indicating approval of the new unit's construction plan, if applicable.

If you need additional information please contact Rene Eastman.

Consumer Information

The following is a list (alphabetized by city) of Wisconsin facilities that have certified units for people who are ventilator-dependent. If you have questions about any of these facilities, please use the contact information for the facility.

To update facility or contact information please contact Elizabeth Laubenstein

Facility Name and Address Capacity and Contact Information

Chippewa Falls
Dove Healthcare
Wissota Health and Regional Vent Center
2815 County Highway I
Chippewa Falls, WI  54729

Type of Program: Short, Long Term & Weaning
Capacity: 36 private rooms
Contact person: Brianna Werner
Phone Number: 715-726-3850

The Bay at North Ridge Health and Rehabilitation
1445 North 7th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220-2011

Type of Program: Short, Long Term & Weaning
Capacity: 11 private rooms
Contact person: Michael Free
Phone Number: 920-682-0314

Trinity Village Ventilator Unit
7500 W. Dean Road
Milwaukee, WI  53223

Type of Program: Long/Short Term Ventilator Care
Capacity: 29 private rooms
Contact Person: Christine Wienke
Phone Number: 414-373-7493

Waunakee Manor
Waunakee Manor Health Care
801 S. Klein Drive
Waunakee, WI  53597

Type of Program: Short/Long term Ventilator Care, Trach Care
Capacity: 20 private rooms

Contact Person: Victoria Wadsworth, RN
Phone Number: 608-849-5016

Northwinds Vent Community
Mount View Care Center
2400 Marshall Street
Wausau, WI  54403

Type of Program: Short/Long Term & Weaning
Capacity: 25 private rooms
Contact Person: Julie Lucko, CSW (Resident Relations/Admissions)
Phone Number: 715-581-3422

West Allis
Maplewood Ventilator Community
VMP Manor Park
3023 South 84th Street
West Allis, WI  53227

Type of Program: Long/Short Term Ventilator Care
Capacity: 59 beds maximum capacity
Contact Person: Tina Keller or Jill Holberg
Phone Number: 414-607-4344

Allis Care Center
9047 W. Greenfield Avenue
West Allis, WI  53214

Type of Program: Long/Short Term Ventilator Care and Weaning
Capacity: 34 private rooms
Contact Person: Rachel Carter
Phone Number: 906-250-5359 or 317-697-9777


Useful resources for consumers and providers of mechanical ventilation units:

Resources – Financial Questions

Hospital fee-for-service reimbursement questions: email Randy McElhose or call 608-267-7127.

Prior Authorization (PA) questions: email Barb Evans or call 608-261-7783. PA criteria includes the following:

  • The recipient is ventilator dependent. (Vent dependency means that the recipient is dependent on a ventilator for life support for no less than 6 hours per day.)
  • The diagnosis must be consistent with ICD diagnosis codes for vent dependency.
  • The request shows either that weaning attempts would be inappropriate or that weaning attempts have failed with at least two trials before admission.
  • The request must document the care needs are consistent with the level of care of an SNF facility.
  • The SNF facility must be approved for vent care.
  • Providers must be specially trained and competent in respiratory and vent care.
Last Revised: March 15, 2021