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Consumer Guide: Paying for Health Care in Wisconsin

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All people who live in Wisconsin have access to health insurance. It may come from different sources based on what you can afford. You or your family may get coverage for your health care through:

  • An employer.
  • The federal Health Insurance Marketplace (
  • The private market.
  • Wisconsin’s public health care program, BadgerCare Plus.

No matter where you get your health insurance, it’s important to know what options you have. This page lists resources for paying for your health plan.

Finding and paying for health insurance

There are many helpful resources for learning about your health insurance options. Part of choosing the right health insurance is finding a plan that fits your budget.

Learn how to find and choose the right health plan.

Know what to do if you cannot afford health insurance.

You can also call 800-362-3002.

Resources by age or job

Follow the link for more information based on what applies to you:

Last revised August 29, 2022