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Consumer Guide: Resources for Parents and Parents-To-Be


Smiling child hugging a pregnant belly

View the list of resources for people who are or will be parents. Select a link to learn more.

Pregnancy and birthing resources

These are resources for people who are pregnant, recently gave birth, or are caring for a newborn.

  • BabyCenter—Find pregnancy and parenting information. Includes how to track a baby’s development, what to expect during labor and delivery, and more.
  • BadgerCare Plus—Learn how to access health insurance for Wisconsin children, adults, and pregnant women who qualify. See who can join on the ACCESS website, or call 800-362-3002.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: During Pregnancy—Know what to do during pregnancy to keep you and the baby healthy.
  • La Leche League of Wisconsin—Find links to local Wisconsin La Leche groups. Groups help parents who want to breastfeed their babies.
  • March of Dimes pregnancy guide—View an online guide to having a healthy pregnancy and caring for a baby.
  • Midwives—Learn about midwife care, how to find a midwife, and other birth topics. This resource is from the American Pregnancy Association.
  • Newborn Screening Program—Find more information about ways to get a new baby screened to see if they have certain health needs.
  • text4baby—Get free texts each week based on a baby’s expected birth date. Messages help with nutrition, vaccines, and other topics. Texts continue through the baby’s first birthday.

Help with infertility, birthing problems, or complications

These are resources for people who have trouble getting pregnant. They’re also for people who face problems during or after pregnancy.

Parent resources for kids and teens

These are resources for parents or caregivers of babies, kids, or teens.

Last revised March 6, 2023