Complaints or Problems with Health Care Providers, Health Care Facilities, and Health Plans

Complaints about health and residential care - Information on how to file a complaint about assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, adult day care organizations, home health agencies, hospices, caregivers, and other health care facilities.

Problems with doctors or dentists - If you have a complaint about a specific doctor or dentist there are a number of steps you can take and organizations you can contact.

Problems with other health professionals - There are several places to turn if you have a concern or complaint about other health care professionals.

Problems with your health plan - For help with health plan problems, a special guide can help you figure out where to call or write.

Problems with medical debt - If you are facing large bills or medical debt, the information in the guide to coping with medical bills and debt may be helpful to you.

Last Revised: February 16, 2017