Public Health Accreditation in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH) is working with key partners to ensure that Wisconsin local health departments, Tribal health departments, and the Wisconsin Division of Public Health are aware of the national voluntary accreditation process through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), and also is engaged in assisting those preparing to seek national accreditation.

What is National Public Health Accreditation? 

Accreditation is a voluntary program that measures the degree to which state, local, tribal, and territorial health departments meet nationally recognized standards and measures.

What is PHAB? 

PHAB is the Public Health Accreditation Board, a non-profit accrediting body for national public health accreditation. Their mission is to promote and protect the health of the public by advancing the quality and performance of all health departments in the United States.

How does national accreditation work with the Local Health Department 140 Administrative Rule Review? 

This has not specifically been determined because national accreditation has not yet started and the Wisconsin 140 Administrative Rule is under revision. The intent of state and local partners, such as the Division of Public Health and Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards (WALHDAB) is that there will be an alignment of processes to assure the efficient and effective review of all local health departments in Wisconsin.

What can I find on this site?

Information on what is happening in Wisconsin related to public health accreditation with links to key partners/sites for Wisconsin Local Health Departments, Tribal health departments, and the Division of Public Health.

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Last Revised: October 16, 2015