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Nutrition: Breastfeeding Resources

Federal law protects pregnant and postpartum workers and requires lactation accommodations for almost all employees.

See the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition for more details and additional information on workplace lactation support.

Breastfeeding resources

The following websites include resources that help support breastfeeding and human milk feeding efforts.

Breastfeeding programs

The following Division of Public Health programs and initiatives support breastfeeding and human milk feeding efforts in Wisconsin.

Note on inclusive language

We recognize that not all people use the term “breastfeeding.” Chestfeeding and bodyfeeding are other ways to describe the feeding of human milk to a child, whether directly from an individual or from those who exclusively pump their milk or use a supplemental nursing system. While our resources may occasionally use the term “breastfeeding” and “mothers,” we intend for this information to be inclusive of all families.

Last revised October 4, 2023