Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI): Performance Tests

Proposed Guidance Documentation

Upon passing the Test of English Proficiency (TEP), you are eligible to take a BEI interpreter performance test. Each level of certification has its own interpreter performance test. After you pass one of these performance tests, you become certified at that level.

The BEI performance assessment is available monthly. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the test schedule has been delayed and future test dates are yet to be determined.

When upcoming test dates have been confirmed, they will be posted here.

About the performance tests

The Basic, Advanced, and Master performance tests are criterion-referenced tests of the three interpretation modes most commonly used by interpreters. These are:

  • Expressive—rendering spoken English into American Sign Language (ASL) or signed English.
  • Receptive—rendering ASL or signed English into spoken English.
  • Sight translation—reading and rendering a written English document into ASL.

In order to sit for BEI Advanced and BEI Masters level performance tests, you must meet the prerequisites that have been determined by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (see section F).

The BEI performance tests will be proctored by the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH) BEI staff and will be administered at the Department of Health Services, which is located at 1 West Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703.

Scheduling a test during the COVID-19 pandemic

When applying for a BEI performance test, you will need to send information:

Once all of the above information has been received and your eligibility to take a BEI performance test has been verified, you will receive an email confirming your name was added to our BEI performance test waiting list. Names will be added to the waiting list in the order they are received.

When test dates are available, applicants will be contacted via email to schedule a test date and time.

Location of the performance assessments

The BEI performance assessments will be administered at the Department of Health Services, which is located at 1 West Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703. They will be conducted in a soundproof booth.

Payment during the COVID-19 pandemic

Payments are not required when applications are submitted for the BEI performance test waiting list. Once testing resumes, applicants will be contacted to work out a test date and time.

Once confirmed, the applicant will be given two weeks from the confirmation date to submit payment. This will be communicated in the email that confirms the applicant's test date and time.

Costs for the performance test
Test Type Cost
BEI Basic

Wisconsin resident: $275
Out-of-state: $310

BEI Advanced Wisconsin resident: $300
Out-of-state: $335
BEI Master Wisconsin resident: $300
Out-of-state: $335

Study guide

For more information about test expectations, formats, sample scripts and scoring criterion, please see the BEI Study Guide. This guide also includes a list of resources you can use to prepare for the performance test, including books and websites that we have found helpful.

Note: Specific details regarding application and testing procedures listed in this guide pertain only to those taking the test in Texas. Procedures for applying and taking the TEP or BEI performance test in Wisconsin are outlined above.