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Listed below are information and references to address physical activity and nutrition in the home setting.  The Individual and Family page is focused on the consumer looking for nutrition, physical activity and obesity that they can use to improve their health.  This page provides links to program materials developed in Wisconsin and links to external materials and information that might be helpful to consumers.

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Physical Activity

  • Activity Zone - A handy form to identify nearby places that you can walk or bike to and be more active.

  • Afterschool Active Hours - Site for physical activity resources, tools and information to help afterschool providers and advocates.

  • Bikeability / Walkability checklist ? checklist to rate how friendly your community is for biking

  • Biking maps - County road maps of Wisconsin.

  • Biking route - Map and measure your own route.  Use this tool to view a map and create your own biking route.  The tool lets you choose the route and automatically calculates the distance.

  • Calories burned per hour - A list of calories burned per hour for common sports and daily activities. (PDF, 197 KB)

  • Costs of Inactivity - An easy-to-use tool developed by East Carolina University that provides an estimate of the financial cost of physically inactive people to a particular community, city, state or business.

  • Prescription for a Healthier You (PDF, 18 KB) - A "prescription" sheet that can be used by health care providers to prescribe healthy lifestyle changes for their patients.  A modifiable Word document that you can adapt to your organization is also available.

  • Walkability / Bikeability checklist ? Checklist to rate how friendly your community is for walking

  • Walking route - Map and measure your own route.  Use this tool to view a map and create your own walking route.  The tool lets you choose the route and automatically calculates the distance.

  • Weight Training - This site contains animated demonstrations of how to use free weight equipment and provides sample workout sheets to record your weight lifting activities.


  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation - Tools and information created by a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation that joined together to fight  childhood obesity.

  • Kid-Friendly Nutrition Education - Includes tips on healthy eating, interactive nutrition games, snack and recipe ideas

  • Make Your Calories Count - Make Your Calories Count is an interactive learning program that provides consumers with information to help plan a healthy diet while managing calorie intake. The exercises will help consumers use the food label to make decisions about which food choice is right for them.

  • Menu Planner - An interactive menu planner designed to guide daily food and meal choices based on your daily calorie allowance. For directions on how to use the Menu Planner, click on About the Menu Planner.

  • Restaurants - A searchable list of restaurants in Wisconsin that have healthy menu options.

  • Snacks for Kids Smart Mouth - An interactive website full of healthy kid-friendly snack ideas, interesting nutrition facts, and ways you can get involved with promoting healthy eating.

  • SuperTracker (diet analysis) The online dietary assessment provides information on your diet quality, related nutrition messages, and links to nutrient information.


Tracking Logs

How-To Materials

General Materials


Physical Activity


  • Breastfeeding - Information and materials

  • Dietary Guidelines 2010 - Full report on federal dietary recommendations including adequate nutrients, weight management, physical activity, food groups to encourage, fats, carbohydrates, sodium and potassium, alcoholic beverages and food safety.  The report also includes key recommendations for specific population groups.
  • Food and Nutrition Information Center - Useful and accurate information for health professionals, teachers, and parents
  • "Got Dirt?" - A program designed to assist with the implementation of school, community, and child care gardens. 

  • Nutrition for Kids - Useful information for parents, teachers, and fun activities for kids.
  • Portion Distortion Quiz - Learn how portion sizes have changed over the years, which may be a contributing factor to the current rise of overweight and obesity

  • Produce for Better Health Foundation - Information on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption; 5 A Day fruits and vegetables promotion

  • School Snacks - Healthy school snack ideas for parents, teachers, after school programs, and other caregivers. (PDF, 370 KB)

Outside Resources


  • School Health Award - Link to information on how to make your school a healthier place and how to apply for the Governor's School Health Award.
  • Lighten' Up Wisconsin - Lighten' Up Wisconsin is a three-month team challenge that encourages team members to make small, realistic and permanent changes in their dietary and exercise habits that will last a lifetime.  The challenge runs from January through March each year.

Physical Activity


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