Local Implementation of the Wisconsin Nutrition and Physical Activity State Plan - Intervention Action Plan

Your long-term strategic plan should set the groundwork for a specific intervention action plan. (If you don't have a strategic plan, go to the strategic plan page.) Compared to the strategic plan, the intervention action plan is for a shorter term, more detailed, and specific to a targeted intervention. An example of an intervention action plan would be to work with schools to develop or expand after-school activities for children and make the school facilities available in off hours to members of the community.

Carefully planning an intervention on the front end will greatly increase the likelihood of success. The resources below will help guide you through the intervention planning process.

Intervention Action Planning Resources

Intervention Action Plan Steps. Listed below are the steps for intervention action planning and resources to help with the process.

Intervention Action Plan Overview (PDF, 60 KB) - A step-by-step explanation of what should be included in an intervention plan with examples to illustrate each step.

Action Plan Flow Chart (PDF, 47 KB) - A one-page checklist to assist coalitions in considering the pieces to include when developing their action plan.

Changing Behavior Effectively (PDF,1.4 MB) - A copy of the PowerPoint presentation by Amy Meinen and Jon Morgan that describes the steps in developing an effective nutrition and physical activity intervention. The presentation focuses on environmental and policy changes to assist efforts for individual behavior changes.

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Last Revised: December 10, 2015