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Health Emergency Preparedness and Response: Staff Directory

Staff Directory
NamePositionDesk PhoneMobile Phone
Natalie EasterdayDirector, Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care608-267-7178608-471-3189
Ramona Baldoni-LakeHealth Emergency Response and Preparedness Unit Supervisor 608-628-7832
James OlesonWarehouse and Logistics Supervisor 608-556-0120
Samuel AndersonTraining and Exercise Coordinator 608-334-2588
David ClerkinMedical Countermeasures Inventory Database Coordinator 608-886-2819
Margaret FincoState Trauma Coordinator 608-332-9115
Anne HansenStrategic Initiatives Coordinator 608-266-8159
Amanda HauserHealth Emergency Preparedness Planner 608-332-6754
Jorge Irigoyen CamachoWarehouse Associate  
Katherine JohnsonHospital and Healthcare Systems Coordinator 608-590-2557
Rebecca KellyHealth Emergency Preparedness Special Initiatives Coordinator608-267-9193608-320-3830
William KoehnePreparedness and Emergency Health Care Epidemiologist 608-320-3102
Karen LaumbHealth Emergency Preparedness Grants Manager 608-628-8984
Sophie LeeHealth Equity Strategist 608-267-9071
John LongoEmergency Human Services Coordinator608-264-6303608-320-5751
Kay Mittelstadt-LockMedical Countermeasures Coordinator608-266-3888608-332-1068
Anthony PitelWarehouse Inventory Control Coordinator 608-886-6904
Katie PratherTrauma Registry Data Manager 608-332-4144
Jaime NiedermeierPublic Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator608-335-0914 
Danielle VollendorfHealth Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 608-695-9773


Last revised November 7, 2023