Health Emergency Preparedness Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Name Position Desk Phone Mobile Phone
Natalie Easterday Director, Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care 608-267-7178 608-471-3189
Dave Rozell Health Emergency Preparedness Section Manager 608-267-3319 608-316-0203
Ramona Baldoni-Lake Health Emergency Response and Preparedness Unit Supervisor   608-628-7832
Jessica Link Reeve Preparedness Administrative and Logistics Unit Supervisor   608-334-2419
Samuel Anderson Training and Exercise Coordinator   608-334-2588
Sarah Boese Health Emergency Preparedness Data Coordinator   608-698-9996
Jessyca Buttke Health Staffing Project Coordinator   608-471-9261
David Clerkin Medical Countermeasures Inventory Database Coordinator     608-886-2819
Joseph Cordova DPH Emergency Response Coordinator 608-267-9010 608-334-1622
Timothy Doerfler Hospital Preparedness Program Coordinator   608-695-2162
Margaret Finco State Trauma Coordinator   608-332-9115
Amanda Hauser Health Emergency Preparedness Planner   608-332-6754
Thomas Hilston Financial Specialist   608-266-9708
Katherine Johnson Hospital and Healthcare Systems Coordinator   608-590-2557
Rebecca Kelly Health Emergency Preparedness Liaison 608-267-9193 608-320-3830
William Koehne Preparedness and Emergency Health Care Epidemiologist   608-320-3102
Karen Laumb Health Emergency Preparedness Grants Manager   608-628-8984
John Longo Emergency Human Services Coordinator 608-264-6303 608-320-5751
Kay Mittelstadt-Lock Medical Countermeasures Coordinator 608-266-3888 608-332-1068
Katie Prather Trauma Registry Data Manager   608-332-4144
Kathy Smith Financial Specialist   608-867-4373
Hannah Sorensen Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator   608-772-6829
Mandi Walsh Health Preparedness and Response Operations Specialist   608-692-1037


Last Revised: July 8, 2022