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Health Emergency Preparedness and Response: Systems

When disaster strikes, the timely and effective sharing of information within and across jurisdictions, disciplines, and organizations is critical to an effective public health emergency and disaster response.

The state of Wisconsin utilizes several preparedness systems centered on information sharing to ensure critical information is made available. Routinely utilizing these systems outside of an emergency response improves the familiarity and functionality should an emergency happen.

EMResource is a tool that hospitals use to alert and communicate with each other and with their emergency response partners.

The Partner Communication & Alerting (PCA) Portal allows local health and tribal agencies to share documents and collaborate with state agencies.


EMTrack is a tool that emergency response partners use to trace the movement of a patient from an initial encounter through the health care system.

eICS is an incident management tool to guide and support response partners through the entire preparedness cycle.


Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM) serves as a means of redundant communication among health care partners.

Last revised April 13, 2023