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Health Emergency Preparedness and Response: Emergency Human Services

When disaster strikes, the primary mission of emergency human services is to first understand what services are needed, then to ensure these services are provided quickly and efficiently to the people who need them most.

Emergency human services are an essential part of the Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan's emergency support function 6 (ESF-6). For more information on ESF-6, visit Wisconsin Emergency Management.

Homeless Service Provider Forum

Created to improve collaboration among service providers, Wisconsin's Homeless Provider Forum allows providers to share and discuss guidance, best practices, and evidence-based tools to bridge the gap between homeless service systems and human service and public health systems.

Emergency Human Services Explained

Emergency means something outside your human services agencies’ typical day-to-day work and duties.

Human services is meant generically and collectively to include services provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations. These include programs that help survivors address unmet, disaster-caused needs and/or non-housing losses through loans and grants or through coordination of assistance from non-governmental sources.

Responder behavioral health

Planning for and responding to your communities and first responders' behavioral health needs after a natural disaster is a vital part of emergency response.

FAST Teams

Functional Assessment Service Teams (FAST) help support people with access and functional needs when they are displaced from their homes due to a disaster or emergency.



By defining terms used in emergency human services, responders and public officials can communicate more effectively during a response.

Emergency Human Services Contacts

Last revised April 13, 2023